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Evidence from the M6 Paranormal Crash / Paris Crash

These images were taken from files I managed to secure onto a portable hard drive from the investigation into the so-called M6 Paranormal Crash and Paris Crash.  I’m currently working on unlocking the other evidence from the encryption, that includes CCTV footage of the chief suspect in the hospital corridor & also a small clip of the audio between the police officers investigating the the M6 crash.

The first image is from the the CCTV footage in the elevator in the Pitie Salpetriere hospital, you can clearly see the suspect is holding a device of some description.The second image is from a mobile phone and was taken by one of the morgue technicians, the French police confiscated this phone once they realised they’d taken the image. Again it clearly shows the device but no medical professional could identify it during the entire investigation. Three of the four bodies in the morgue had visible puncture wounds from this device – the tip was triangular in shape and this was the evident from the marks on the bodies.  Their blood tests were different to the fourth body which had no puncture wounds from the device.

The autopsy reports showed that all four bodies high levels of succinylcholine in their bloodstream. A morgue technician went on record to suggest in their professional opinion these people could not have controlled a motor vehicle – another unanswered question from the French investigation.